Inspired by recent events and a word learnt from a student.

A storm is raging outside and it completely reflects the severe calm I’ve been feeling all day. Ofcourse, that is after the storm that raged inside all day yesterday. My second contact with the Higher Echelons of Corruption damaged my brain. The complete and utter absurdity of their rules defies reason. Are they even human? No, they’re grass chewing cattle. In fact, even cows have higher functions of some value.

So there I was, harrassed in some man’s office (with help, ofcourse) and a man, slurping on his tea, claiming to have a million phds conveniently draped his simian arm on the couch – much too close to me. After five minutes of glaring at him (and that not having the desired effect) I proceeded to ask him (very nicely, ofcourse) to remove his arm because it was making me uncomfortable. That produced a kodak moment that I would have loved to capture with my camera but the opportunity to do so did not present itself. But it was effective and he was embarrassed enough to cringe and shove his expansive self into the other end of the couch.

A valid question, though, is: why on earth do they have couches in their offices?

After that, what could be worse? Well, there is no limit to how bad something can get in these here parts. So I was ushered into another office where a man repeatedly apologized for the lame policies they were applying to my case. I wasn’t too surprised. Enraged, yes – surprised, no. Apparently, you can get 100 bachelors’ degrees and still they will only count them as four years of education. You can get a million master’s degrees and it remains two years of education. The other degrees are just for fun. Or a shameful waste. Education is all about counting how many years you spent in school and then deducting all the special moments to leave some leftovers that dumbasses can understand. Like I said, even cattle have higher functions.

So that was my story. It took me a while to process it all. I went from moments of black rage to complete hysteria. And now I am calm enough to write about it. Why are they discouraging education? Or more specifically, why are they discouraging a well rounded education? It doesn’t make any sense to me. A very small percentage of the population even have higher education. Why would they not make separate policies for special cases? Why must they standardize? And who are these tea slurping apes with phds who can’t even talk or keep their body parts to themselves? Disgustipating indeed.


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