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Half the Sky?

I am sitting in my office, bored and nursing a cup of tea when I chance upon this, and I don’t know what to make of it. Meanwhile, the city is burning from a transporter’s strike, complete with fragrant tires on fire and picturesque broken vehicles.

Coming back to the article, what confuses me is not just the marginalization of women (something I can understand) but the marginalization of the societies in “poor countries” – and I cannot seem to articulate this thought yet. Being confused does that to you.

So women are treated like shit. Agreed. This society allows it. I am not saying that is acceptable to me. But then, I have lived with it and done my best to avoid it. When somebody from the outside, with great plumbing,  good internet speed, no loadshedding and endless food comments on how things are so wrong here, I get slightly annoyed.

And the story of Saima – well, things haven’t really improved for her. Her husband is still a shit. A lota, actually. Now that she is financially independent, this wifebeater says “girls are just as good as boys.” Of course, Saima cannot kick the loser out because then people would make her life difficult and her daughters would have no future in the conventional sense (nobody would marry them etc.) and he might even beat her some more. But then the daughters could get educated and financially independent and not have to deal with people who wouldn’t marry them and that would be another fairy tale. Just like Saima’s. Without any sense of reality.