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No Rulz

As always, amongst all the treasures on Murree Road, Rawalpindi, I found this:

No Rulz

No Rulz. This profundity brings to mind all kinds of possibilities:

  1. The word NO rules. Say NO to everything. Say NO to reason and sense. Say NO to education that would build a nation. Say NO to basic human rights. Say NO to decency and morality. Just say NO.
  2. Ignore RULES. They are for morons who want to be boring. On the road especially, ignore all the RULES of the road. Never indicate when you’re about to turn into a lane. Never brake at a red light. That’s just a dumb RULE for the safety of the countless morons on the road.  Get rid of all your mirrors and ride into the sunset. RULES are for no-good losers who want to live or want their children to live. Life is for losers and so are RULES.
  3. There are NO RULZ (NO RULES). No fucking way. Deny everything. It’s great to have NO RULZ. It’s great to be here – in this time and place with NO RULZ.

Yes. Exactly.

Slow but Satisfy

I have realized that life keeps presenting me with weird signs and I just have to really consider them to understand what is really going on in this mad world. Keeping in mind the strange mystery from a previous post, I have decided to consider the following cryptic message that will undoubtedly change our lives (forever, from the looks of it):

He is slow but satisfy

Now this truly befuddled my already confused mind. What is this message telling us? The sexual innuendo – the leery smiley…it all points to one thing: hedonism. Yes people, the world is changing (as usual) and this person is declaring his/her (though, probably his) freedom from the chains of tradition and hypocrisy. However, notice the two ladies in the back – their heads covered from the evil men of our society. Now this is where I am truly bewildered. Did I misunderstand? Is it not what I thought it was? I have been misled!

He is slow but satisfy. Indeed. Perhaps his car is very slow but is called Satisfy. Or maybe he is called Satisfy (you can never underestimate the stupidity of some parents when it comes to naming their unfortunate children). Or maybe the guy who made the sticker was declaring his opinion and conned the owner of this car into believing it meant something else. Oh who the hell knows anyway.

These bewildering signs and messages are truly beyond my pedestrian mind. I am philosophically challenged. I am a philistine – completely lowbrow. I’ll never ever understand!