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Hate Speech

Gawd, these mullah types are insufferable.

 In light of recent events (facebook/youtube – hell, even wikipedia ban, being robbed openly in the streets etc.) I took some time off watching Legend of the Seeker (pity about them cancelling it after season 2) and started reading online. I chanced upon the blog of a girl I knew from grade school. I even went through some years of my life thinking she was a friend, before some unfortunate conversations that changed everything for me. Before I write any further, I must warn everyone that this is entirely from personal experience and I do not intend to stereotype or generalize. It’s just that I have almost always experienced a certain type in a certain way, or so to speak. Also, this isn’t really about art in Pakistan but about people who make an art of being absolutely stark raving mad. And it isn’t cool. Nope, it’s mental.

So this girl was like most kids in school with me – absolutely inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. Yours truly was awkward and strange so I was victimized by her from the very beginning. Later, when I was free from the horrible angst of adolescence, I connected with her again and (surprise, surprise) she had gone mullah. Oh yes, she was covered from head to toe with just her eyes and bits of nose hanging out. Ofcourse, I was supportive being the tolerant fool that I usually am in such situations. However, things changed with time. Such people do tend to impose themselves on people like me, foolish enough to be supportive even if I am different from them. You see, tolerance isn’t really their way, in my experience. They usually cannot tolerate me. It just makes me ask more questions and they get annoyed and quote books and sayings and fatwas. In their pious minds, they are always holier than thou (or me, atleast).

Again I cannot claim that all of them are like that. Fortunately, I have kept clear of them. Perhaps, I fear judgement. Perhaps, I don’t really give a shit. I did catch one of them stealing from me in college and that didn’t help. Did I just pull an us and them? Oh well, I am annoyed by what I read. It disturbs me because I don’t see the point. So this girl I knew from school (not the burka clad thief I knew as an undergrad at Indus Valley) writes an annoying blog that I make a point to read now and again. I keep telling myself not to, but then I’d be running away.

Unfortunately, this woman has children. What she does with them is really none of my business. But it creeps me out all the same. This post I read was about education and her thoughts on homeschooling and why she sent her kids to regular schools and some parts are to die for. For example:

For all the relentless flak it gets from international media because of the volatile situation up North, Pakistan has an excellent primary and secondary education system.

Uh. Yeah. What schools would that be? The fancy school where her children go? Like most hypocrites, she sends her children to fancy schools that have teachers who don’t whip the kids regularly. I went to a private school where everyone went for private tuitions after school because our teachers just didn’t teach us enough. And those unfortunates who didn’t go were told by teachers that we’d flunk our O’levels for sure. Anyway, our school systems, private or otherwise aren’t exactly the best in the world.

 I have seen the results of, and read about, the early education systems of other countries, and I think that the performance of our local teenagers in international examinations and foreign university entrance tests speaks for itself – as well as for the laudable local education standards. It is the local higher education system that, more often than not, with the exception of a few colleges and universities, leaves a lot to be desired…

Yes. International examinations. And the local higher education system does leave a lot to be desired but we try – we try so hard.

In addition, let us not forget that most schools in the West have started to witness an alarming, rising incidence of school shootings and on-campus violence. Graphic sex education is sometimes compulsory for all middle school students (or even younger pupils), and absolutely no religious tarbiyah/training is imparted at public school level. Also, the public schools are mostly co-educational, with intermingling of both genders.

Aha! So that’s the real issue here. Sex education leads to school shootings. Knowing how babies are made and knowing you have private parts makes you trigger happy and you shoot all the kids in your class. Wow, I really didn’t know it worked that way. Sex turns you into a murdering freak and co-education helps it along. Religion will save you. Personally, I don’t think I have anything against religion. I just don’t like it shoved in my face and turned into an excuse for everything – good or bad.

This goes on and on. She writes about making her tiny kid opt out of music class. She writes about how great single gender schools are. She writes about how her kid dreams of covering even her eyes some day. It really isn’t any of my business but it does make me wonder. There must be loads of these people out there, claiming to know it all. They must have people who believe them. What a wonderful world.

I have nothing against people who have a belief. Everyone has a right to choose. But when people like this woman (who will stay anonymous) create more monsters by spreading the so called “truth” that they imagine in their own heads, it hurts other people. I am usually suspicious of anyone (burka-clad or not) who claims to know the absolute truth without consideration for people who might believe differently.