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Body Politic vs Body Odor

Ah summer is upon us and what can I say? People just need to invest in deodorants. But that’s not the real issue here. I mean it is an issue but it has been raining (or sprinkling) so some people aren’t as fragrant as they can be. Everyone has potential in these here parts to smell to high heaven. But I’m beating around the bush.

Wherever there are people, there is politics. Now, I’m a reasonable (and reasonably intelligent) human being so I accept that and it’s perfectly natural for people to not like each other enough to scheme and plan accordingly. But sometimes – just sometimes, it becomes a problem. The story of my life is littered with these sometimes. I wish to erase them but I can’t – being a reasonable human being also keeps me real enough to face (uhm) reality. So here I am – brave and strong, facing reality. And there they are, these strange entities who create messes as big as the world.

Some people are just creepy. They remind me of those annoying ghosts in the movies that wear white and lurk about doing nothing at all except looking creepy. They don’t even make an effort to really scare you. They just look creepy and annoy you. So this creepy creep has pushed me to the point where I seem to be losing my mind a little (not that I haven’t lost most of it over the years) and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. I need to grow some more brains to figure this one out. He does nothing much except harrass me constantly about things I cannot control. And its a low level harrassment but its consistency has now started driving me up the wall. And I can’t prove a thing! Bummer.

He constantly annoys me. He makes me feel completely at a loss. I would like to hit him but I grew up years ago and you’re not allowed to hit people anymore when you grow up. Apparently, this is a game of some kind – a game I don’t know how to play. I think you’re supposed to find chinks in the armor and then poke through and then you get them. Vague, but I get a feeling that is how its done. Also, there is the added pleasure of other people intensely enjoying my discomfort. Now look, I’m not paranoid. It’s quite obvious. As obvious as big fat grins.