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I was reading my older blogs again and I found something interesting. I believe this is the first blog post I ever published:

Monday, March 21, 2005


Most men are turds. Its axiomatic.

And horoscopes are worse. Its appalling how they offer absolutely no relief when in doubt. For example, yesterday’s horoscope in my mailbox:

Some apparent contradictions are surfacing in the realm of romance. Luckily your skills of investigation and interpretation are more than equal to making sense of it all.  

Uh. I can’t make sense of anything since I don’t have any of those skills. Nor do I have a realm of romance. Who do they think I am?! Whoever “they” are (bored old ladies with blue hair who smell like moth balls and have midget boyfriends? their midget boyfriends?). I should shoot myself for subscribing to all these free daily horoscope things. Or maybe I should find myself a midget boyfriend.

More poo…

  • People at work who make a lot of noise and have bad breath.
  • Men (since they are turds)
  • Men being Men (its so easy for them to be poo)
  • Men wondering what they did wrong (like they do anything right)
  • Mondays with Men at work
  • The Man Who Pissed Me Off By Writing The Lamest Email Ever


Of course, that was a bad time for me and it was 5 years ago. I don’t have anything against men anymore. Or maybe I just have something against some men. And some women, too. No need to discriminate, really. I’m all grown up now.