Today I stopped pretending I was in idyllic serenity. This is a funny kind of hell. The heat makes it worse. This funny kind of hell burns me up and burns me down. My feet are burning in my silver shoes.

This loadshedding situation is never going to stop, is it? I cannot believe there was a time when I hoped that it might someday. I have this sinking feeling that perhaps the people who are supposed to fix problems are not really capable of fixing anything. Infact, they might not be the least interested in fixing anything either. So I grit my teeth and suffer the heat and the lack of electricity.

How am I supposed to work in this madness? Sometimes, all I want to do is find a cooler place to crawl into and sleep – and dream. Dreams are better than this. In my dreams, I draw all the time. In my dreams, it isn’t so hot. I’ve heard great art comes from great suffering but seriously, I need to stop suffering to make something. The sweat in my eyes makes it a little difficult to even stare at blank paper.

Soon the batteries will run out and I’ll have nothing to do but stare at the walls and sweat. I know I sound like a ridiculous brat complaining about loadshedding when there are people out there with less. Even so, I am sorry but I am suffering. And I cannot help but whine. Even if it does make me sound like a twat.


7 responses to “Loadshedding

  1. Hahaha much funny but bitterly true article. Great post. Keep up the great work. I’m happy you’re from Pakistan

  2. You might have striked the right cord with expressing the feelings of no trust in people responsible,I should also add that some us have just stopped complaining and simply moved elsewhere

  3. its time to people start building their own electricity plants at least they would not depend on any other person then

  4. good entertaining post 🙂 :p

  5. womanfashionbeauty

    you are right here is solution for loadshedding http://ilm.com.pk/

  6. ..Do yoga, to keep your energy up? I don’t know, I had a hard time doing something productive this summer too. I had a hard time being productive this summer too, had to rest/nap every couple of hours.

  7. Every buddy know their is alot more solutions but govt not taken it seriously,just because of making or to stop their personal commitions.

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