Dumb Bomb

dumb bomb: a bomb that falls because of gravity and is not guided to a target

Yes. Gravity makes it fall down. Sometimes, that is all you need. Gravity. I’ve always wondered at my own patience (I’ve been told I have none but I beg to differ) and at how long would I put up with anything. Let’s just say the dumb bomb has dropped. And its all because of gravity. Nature runs it’s course and you can do nothing but watch things destroy themselves. Or, in other words, the shit has hit the fan.

No more Mr. Nice Guy (or Ms. Nice Gal). I’ve had it with these people!

I should explain. I have spent the last few years surrounded by absolute morons and it hit me while I was on my self-imposed hiatus – I can get away from them and turn everything around. Now ofcourse, I am to blame for sticking around these morons for as long as I have. I could have always said no. But I think I am masochistic. It must be the fucking culture (oh my hatred for that word has grown ten-fold).

These people are racists. No, they’re not just racists. They’re obsessively racist. They go on and on about their ancestry as if their lives depended on it. And the rest of us are supposed to fall to our knees in admiration. All I remember doing is controlling the snicker building up in my head by reminding myself to be respectful. Yes. Respectful. But that’s just one little thing.

Besides being racist, they are abusive. And since they want to fester in their delusional cesspool, they want to bring everyone down into it. Their entire lives revolve around their delusions of grandeur. Nobody is good enough. But this is the shit they throw at you. It’s not real. They know they’re shit and so that insecurity makes them abusive and depressed. And they depress everyone. This makes them feel better (if they even know what better is).

The strangest part is that they have no idea that anyone has caught on. That is what makes them complete idiots. This post is venom. I have had enough and I had to write about it. Names and identities have been left out because – well, just because.

So long, suckers!


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