The Travelling Egg


One egg’s lower half transformed

And became the earth below,

And its upper half transmuted

And became the sky above;

From the yolk the sun was made,

Light of day to shine upon us;

From the white the moon was formed,

Light of night to gleam above us;

All the colored brighter bits

Rose to be the stars of heaven

And the darker crumbs changed into

Clouds and cloudlets in the sky.

-From the Kalevala, the Finnish National Epic

The egg is an organic vessel in which an embryo first begins to develop – in a way, this marvelous vessel houses the creation of life. Just as the cosmic egg held the entire mass of the universe, compressed into a singularity before it was born, the egg is the beginning of wondrous realms of imagination and creation itself. It is a pause before something happens.

The Traveling Egg showcases the work of seven artists, who got together to think about eggs. These artists are curious people in search of images that best represent something as absurd and wonderful (and profoundly common-place) as an egg.

Note: This thing is driving me crazy. I thought it up and it sounded like such a great idea at the time. Right now, I’m just nervous, anxious and a little scared. Not good. But good luck to all the artists. Will hang the show today and figure it out.


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