No Rulz

As always, amongst all the treasures on Murree Road, Rawalpindi, I found this:

No Rulz

No Rulz. This profundity brings to mind all kinds of possibilities:

  1. The word NO rules. Say NO to everything. Say NO to reason and sense. Say NO to education that would build a nation. Say NO to basic human rights. Say NO to decency and morality. Just say NO.
  2. Ignore RULES. They are for morons who want to be boring. On the road especially, ignore all the RULES of the road. Never indicate when you’re about to turn into a lane. Never brake at a red light. That’s just a dumb RULE for the safety of the countless morons on the road.  Get rid of all your mirrors and ride into the sunset. RULES are for no-good losers who want to live or want their children to live. Life is for losers and so are RULES.
  3. There are NO RULZ (NO RULES). No fucking way. Deny everything. It’s great to have NO RULZ. It’s great to be here – in this time and place with NO RULZ.

Yes. Exactly.


7 responses to “No Rulz

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  2. The ‘No Rules’ rule I have seen first hand here in the UK, and by the same community the uncontrollable ‘Polish’ and the every so fast travelling ‘Romanians’ sorry guys buy you are mostly to blame for the 45% increase in the insurance premiums – (rant time ): 1) You people just cant driving (full stop). 2) You have no clue what the indicators are for. 3) You have no clue what the red traffic light signal means, 4) You parking is abysmal and you cannot seem to understand that when parking 4 wheels of your car need to be on the road, not just 3 or 2 and in some occasions just 1 (the rest either in someones garden or pavement. 5) You always seem to chew and when another driver vents is anger at you for the way you drive you simply start chewing twice as fast. 6) You car always seems to be burdened house hold essentials as if you might get chased out of the country any second (mind you wouldn’t be a bad thing). 7. You are just bad drivers, no consideration of the actual genuine drivers around you (rant over).

    see what I mean..

    • Yes. I see.
      I don’t know about the Polish and the Romanians – but I do know about the people around me. They drive like the road is their personal space and nobody else is allowed to exist there – or they are an inconvenience. Two motorcyclists ran into each other in front of my car yesterday and I missed them by a hair’s breadth. It wasn’t my fault but I didn’t run them over which is great. However, they just ran into each other for no apparent reason. They were not watching where they were going in rush hour. Strange isn’t it? They don’t seem to value anyone else’s life. Stranger yet – they don’t value their own lives. Ok, so the economic conditions are bad and maybe they feel suicidal but even then…it makes me wonder…
      Also, everyone believes that road rules are stupid around here. I’ve seen a lot of cab drivers sling a belt (or a school-bag strap) over themselves – pretending it’s a seat-belt to fool the cops. It’s INSANE. They don’t care about their safety!
      Now that was my rant 🙂

  3. Jee, its sounds terrible. Admittedly some of those issues due exist here in the UK but thanks to the tax payer (including me) they have camera’s fitted on traffic lights and roads where drivers tend to speed, and these cameras send you a nice fine enclosed with a photo of your car and you driving at high speed or breaking traffic law. However, the individuals who get away with these are people who have no insurance or car that is not in their name (Polish, Romanians and alike).

    The economic crisis here in the UK has led to people not caring about their lives, specially for those who drive – but car manufacturers have become clever and introduced the ‘Air Bag’ system, thus saving these lunatics from killing themselves, so the whole cycle can repeat itself again.

    • Haha you make it sound so amusing. Some cars here have airbags but those are too expensive (the cars) for most people so I guess they just die if they go for the “no rulz” attitude. I guess people are just suicidal without knowing it.

  4. Hahaha…

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