Borderline Discontent

Empty Arms, Empty Thighs - Borderline Discontent


Something isn’t right. My work says what I cannot put into words. I wish I didn’t have to speak or write sometimes and I could just go around showing pictures for everything I felt and wanted to say.

I am a reasonable, rational person. I try not to live in a dream. I try to understand. I try, I try, I try. And as I read in Karen Finley’s A Different Kind of Intimacy today:

Silence at the end of the phone

Silence at the end of the phone

Silence at the end of the phone

I wish all I needed was cryptic poetry and pictures and I could somehow make it through the day without being broken. Yes, it is a bad time. But it is supposed to be a good time. So I don’t know what to make of anything. However, you can look at more of my recent pictures (as opposed to words) here. Good luck with that.

This is borderline discontent.


6 responses to “Borderline Discontent

  1. Well, firstly, great piece. Very well drawn. But then again, I guess its expected from an art student/teacher?

    But whats the piece about? Is the shadow/silhouette grabbing a butt and pinching another? And the two circles, are they suns? The yellow one being seen by the skeletons and the dark one by the shadow?

    • Every drawing I make cannot really be broken down like that because I don’t really think in words when I make it. That’s the strangest part. Its not word-thought – its picture-thought. All these drawings came from what I was feeling during that time. My best friend was in trouble and was very ill at the same time. All this work is about him. The halos/suns are his dark and light moods I think and those aren’t two people – they’re just him. I just made him wings so he could fly out of his troubles.
      The drawings are like poetry. And I made poetry for him.

  2. Is picture thought equivalent to “abstract”? As if, the piece was drawn by random impulse and instinct rather than a particular meaning?

    • I suppose so. However, everything is essentially (and eventually) representational. Even ideas are representatives of other ideas. I know I’m completely confusing myself right now but what the hell, right? 🙂
      But honestly, a picture thought is mostly instinctual in my opinion. Even words come from instinct and impulse, don’t they? I mean where do they really come from? You think them and then out they come. I think we take more time to put them into place in our heads before we write or speak. When making pictures, I try not to think about where and what too much. However, due to my art training, some putting together happens by habit. In the earlier days, it took longer to think about composition. Now it comes from years of practice and training.

  3. I’m a little confused myself, but the thing is, I’ve barely gotten any “expression” or relief out of abstract, impulse-driven art, whether its a small drawing or a little clip of music. However, when I purposely have some idea in mind and go about making something around it, I feel a little better.

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