All year I’ve been thinking:

I’m blocked. I should be working. Why can’t I make art-work anymore? I’m a hopeless case. I think it’s finished and I’ll never be able to work again etc.

How horrible is that? Life went on (in its usual way) but deep inside, I was afraid that it was gone somehow. But ofcourse, I was completely wrong. It came back. And then it came back some more. And now it comes all the time (somehow that doesn’t sound right but I’m going to ignore it).

A recent example:


Oh well. Bad photograph of weird artwork. There’s more where it came from and that makes me very happy indeed.


6 responses to “Elevation

  1. Mojo back? Congrats.

    Are those hip bones? Eerie piece.

  2. Maybe i am wrong but i get a feminist theme in your artwork, but the pelvic bone of a male. Perhaps a commentary on male sexuality?Or maybe i am reading to much into your art.

    Though honestly I m curious about the themes in your work.

    • I don’t know if it’s a feminist theme. I’m not particularily thinking about feminism when I make it. Perhaps it happens because I feel a certain way. None of it is a comment on male or female sexuality. It’s mostly about my life and the way I process it. I wish I could articulate better. Sometimes I can but right now I’m too ill to even try. Thanks for looking at the artwork though. I really appreciate that. Also, I appreciate the curiosity. Maybe, when I’m better I’ll make an effort to explain.

  3. Good day, WE trust a person, if you ever come to Romania there are a dark beer by me personally: ) Kind regards!

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