I was looking at some of my older (and best forgotten) images and I realized how much I sucked at painting when I was still new at it and I didn’t even know it really – because I was trying so hard to get it right all the time. And I remember suffering and struggling and loving every minute of my pain. I’m uploading a really bad one in which I tried to be Superman.


Now really – what was I thinking? But I feel a weird sort of empathy for this sad attempt and for my younger self. I remember I had to make twenty five self portraits in two weeks and I was in deep shit at the time but that is NOT an excuse for being so lame. However, there are good things in there and the (former) super-me is so sad that I must forgive her(me) and let bygones be bygones.


15 responses to “SuperMe

  1. haha, this is actually kind of haunting/riddiculously fun looking.

    You made yourself a very pretty superman.

    I think you should make a new super man portrait and compare 😉

  2. have guts to put that image up:D….my old stuff isnt all that old and im not all that better but i hate it already… i know what you mean!

  3. Salaams, I’m making a listing of desi bloggers- and was going to include yours- let me know if you are okay with the blurb I wrote, I can easily change it! otherwise, happy blogging 🙂

  4. That is one super effeminate superman. Why superman, though? I thought the new millennium brought with it Spider Man and the X men as the popular superheroes, and just recently Batman as well.

  5. Any reason? Watched a show or movie of his, perhaps?

    Umm, why doesn’t it make sense anymore?

    • It made perfect sense to paint from what mattered a lot (starting from the beginning of my life to that point) ten years ago when I was a student. Also, this is one of the early oil paintings I did. Superman still mattered a lot then. Now, I don’t know – I enjoy the movies and the comics whenever I get the time but I have so much more to do and think about. Growing up (I think that’s what I like to think happened to me) is strange.

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