Hot Pakistani Auntie Pics

Yeah. Finally.


I have another angle too. I’m such a people pleaser. You want it, you got it!

Hot Booty!

Being such a generous soul, I couldn’t resist posting these pictures. I think I should start a wholehearted research on Pakistani Aunties and fulfil my life’s purpose. Then I can die happy.

Note: This might be an uncle but I wasn’t sure and for some, it doesn’t even matter!


8 responses to “Hot Pakistani Auntie Pics

  1. EPIC! haha, couldn’t agree more.

  2. Haha, yes, I was just about to ask whether you getting more auntie-search hits now.

    • Unfortunately, that’s why most people look at my blog – hoping for hot aunties I suppose. How sad it that?

      • I shared a comic strip once, and labeled the post “big booty support group” (appropriately). I’ve been gets booty search hits since then.

        Is your sadness over what people are searching, or the pretext on which they’re arriving here?

      • I guess its because they look at my blog only because they want aunties showing their asses. Also, I think its sad that they don’t really find what they’re looking for in my blog.

  3. So you’re sad on both counts. No need to feel sad for the second thing, I expect they find what they need eventually.

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