Toys in the Attic

In the attic lights
Voices scream
Nothing’s seen
Real’s a dream


Sometimes I wonder if spewing out all this negativity just makes me crazier than I already am.

Right now, though, I feel alright. Everyday is a nightmare usually. I have to balance the madness of other people’s minds with my own overworked, over enthusiastic attempts to get through the day. I haven’t really had much time for myself in ages. Sometimes, all you need is some time alone with yourself.

Sometimes you need time alone in a car with yourself with a camera in your phone. And then you see something you like and you have the power to save it somewhere. Meanwhile, you realize you do have empathy in your heart and you can feel something besides your negativity. And it makes you feel human again.

I noticed these drums on the tree right at the point where Rawalpindi ends and Islamabad begins. And I felt alright again. Stupid story but I need it. I need it more than everything right now.


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