Sigh – Another Auntie Post

I was looking through my blog statistics and I realized that people are unreasonably obsessed with aunties in/from Pakistan. The following table illustrates that curious obsession:

Search Views
aunties unlimited 107 18
unlimited aunties 18
auntiesunlimited 16
pakistan aunties 14
pakistani aunties 10
aunties-unlimited 8
pakistani aunty 8 7
pakistan auntie 7
pakistani aunties photos 7
pakistani aunty showing everything 7
aunties unlimited blogspot 5
aunties 4
art ka pakistan 4
pak aunties 4
aunties sex stories 4
aunties 4
aunty unlimited 3
anties unlimited 3
aunties. unlimited wordpress 3
aunties-unlimites 2 2
pakestani aunties 2
un limited aunties 2
aunties.unlimited.wordpress 2
pakistan aunty 2
mens shoddy shoes 2
pakistani aunty photos 2
pakistani art 2 2
auntes unlimited 2
aunties in pakistan 2
pakistani aunty ka number 2
pierced perception rohtas 2 2
unlimited auntess.worldpress 2
pakistani desi aunty panters photos 1
arjumand faisel 1
aunties.unlimited.wordpres 1 1
paki aunties-unlimited blogspot 1
unlimited 1
what does art ka mean 1 1
pakistani aunties unlimited 1
“fair and lovely” 1
auntys aunlimited 1
auntiesunlimeted 1
pakistani artwork 1
auntiy anlimitad 1

There is a lonely little “fair and lovely” in there too (of course) which only adds to my amusement. Apparently, these search terms led to my blog (I think). Why would they lead to my blog, though? As an auntie would say, it’s probably fate. Weird karmic justice. Like my new assistant. Definitely an auntie and fate’s slap on my smug little face. I cannot get away so easily when I bitch out them shiny aunties with their ample bosoms and more than ample behinds. More to hate, I guess.


11 responses to “Sigh – Another Auntie Post

  1. hahah, wow. I checked mine. It’s mostly crap about Uncle Sam. Apparently, this vent & hell hath fury post got some traction in America-Lands.

    that aside, I know how you feel. it’s weird when you realize that you’re traffic emanates from the most random, typically unrelated to you blog searches.

    oh well, perhaps you can be Pakistan’s foremost Aunty Specialist? there is therapy money there……


  3. I mistyped this website and luckily I found it again. presently am at my university I added this to favorites so that I can re-read it later regards

  4. Haha… I guess Auntie sells too.

    • Oh more search terms came up recently and my favorites are:

      top 10 aunties in pakistan
      anties sex stories

      Wonderful. We all know sex sells and now I’m pretty sure aunties sell too. Aunties and sex together makes good statistics. Maybe I should write a post with both aunties and sex and everyone will read my shit.

  5. i am male of 31 year living hyderabad if any one want contact specially dissatified anuties can at 03453653374

  6. The aunty obession is quite prevalent in India as well. I think it’s part of our rich shared cultural history. This is one issue where India and Pakistan can come together. 🙂

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