Zany Professor

I figured I should post something before I leave for my short vacation (I actually get a long summer break but I need most of it to make art-work) and I couldn’t come up with anything except something a friend calls me. Zany professor indeed. So I played with photoshop a little and I came up with this:

No auntie bashing this time, sorry.

And yes, even faculty members get stuck with IDs that have hideous pictures on them.


6 responses to “Zany Professor

  1. ^.^
    I think with your witty sarcasm (“IDs that have hideous pictures”) and skills in photoshop, you will make a very interesting web-comic if you make one (humble suggestion: Aunty bashing can be a sweet topic to start with, nothing better than pictures/graphics/jpegs to say 1000 words that you want to throw at aunties 😀 )

    Regards & Cheers

  2. definitely did not know you were a teacher. maybe i should pay more attention in life.
    with that being said, enjoy your long (short) vacation

    • Being a teacher is actually a lot of fun. You need to keep telling yourself you’re changing the world to keep going. My vacation was excellent. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Ha, love it when you mention me in your quirky posts. Nothing feels better than being a witty, zany professor’s friend. I totally dig this picture. It’s ra. Yeah.

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