Aunties ka Pakistan

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Need I say anything more? This is actually absurdly amusing. People found me while they looked for pakistani aunty showing everything. I could show them a thing or two about Pakistani aunties. These aunties offend my delicate sensibilities showing me pictures of their unfortunate looking children everyday. Go ahead, look at those hideous pictures in their hideous frames and enjoy yourselves. I should do everyone a favor and take pictures of those unfortunate pictures and post them on this blog.

But I think this will be the last post on Pakistani aunties for a while. I am off from work after this week till September. I’ll try my best to stay away from aunties till then.


5 responses to “Aunties ka Pakistan

  1. oh 😦

    i really liked your aunty bashing posts….this is not to say that i liked if u suffer at the hand of aunts, but still the sarcasm was very good to read 🙂

    regards and cheers 🙂

  2. I just had to post another search that led to this blog: pakistani desi aunty panters photos

    I am having a hard time figuring out what that means.

    • May be “Panter” is for “painter” that is a term commonly referred by you in your posts…may be Google thought its just “i” that is missing:)

      Regards & Cheers

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