Bomb Fetish

Bomb Love - From Postcards In The Time Of War

This is a random post. I was writing in my sketchbook/journal to develop my artwork (in my head, since I still don’t have time to develop it visually yet) and I started thinking about bombs and sex. For some insane reason, they make sense to me together these days. Don’t ask me why just yet. The force is strong with me and jedi’s cannot really try to explain their powers. Do or do not, there is no try as Master Yoda would say.

Anyway back to bomb fetishes. I find fetishes an interesting absurdity. Again, I am in no way demeaning fetishes and I don’t want to offend any religious group that might create yet another ban on the freedom of people to think and do as they please. Fetishism included. Hey, it takes all kinds now, doesn’t it?

Noun: fetish

  1. A form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object or item of clothing or part of the body
  2. A charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
  3. Excessive or irrational devotion to some activity

Bombs are objects and can be items of clothing (think: suicide bomber). Sometimes, I feel like the suicide bomb jacket is a fashion statement for the brainwashed. I mean, they have their own style, when you really think about it. It does make an impressive entrance to any social gathering. Deep inside, they could be fashion models.

Could this be the beginning of something new to draw? It could be. I just don’t know yet. Meanwhile, I am writing about it. Ofcourse, there is always the fear that I could be selling out to the new trend of playing victim to terrorism. Hey, it happens in art as well. Show the world how you’re suffering and everyone knows your name. But I generally don’t get that kind of approval so I shouldn’t worry about it.

There are so many of us that are overlooked in this frenzy of art-business. You see, you have to be in the IN crowd. Now, I have my theories of how to get to that much desired position but I haven’t really tried. Why be a whore, when you can be a saint? Or maybe, I am exaggerating. Why be a whore, when you can just be yourself? Ah, integrity! It sounds so pretty but it can bite you in the ass. Sometimes, it can even sound like self-righteousness but I think the burka clad and bearded folk have that covered so I need not worry.

I think there are some who get off on bombs. Or maybe the bombs get off on them. Somebody recently told me that her younger cousin repeatedly writes her name on her body with permanent marker in case she gets killed in a bomb blast. Even if she is found in pieces, atleast people would know who she was. Sad, isn’t it? Sad and absurd, but it does make sense.

Disclaimer: I wrote this while I am under the influence of Xanax. Life is tough but there are always pills to make it better.

14 responses to “Bomb Fetish

  1. ..god she writes hr name on hr body with a permenant markr!!thts jst a sad state of fear we’re in..unbelievable!…

    • But don’t you see it’s kind of poignant too? It does reflect the times. I wonder what history books will say many years from now…something twisted and unreal maybe and they’ll miss out all the extraordinary poignance. Here an identity is printed on the body. I think of policemen waving flashlights in my face at every checkpost and waving me through because I am a woman. If I wear a hat, they mistake me for a boy and stop the car and then jump back and apologize when they find out I’m not. They always ask for ID when you’re a boy. They jump back and get embarrassed if you’re a girl. If your identity is your body, then this act of printing on the body is logical in some absurd way. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

      • veryy true bt veryy absurd…the fact that the body (and its category) means soo much yet again!…even when you try and float away from such matters….it cumz smacking in your face again…so bluntly!

  2. Interesting post.
    I don’t think its the bomb that matters. Its the idea of the blast that captivates the people with the bomb fetish you refer to. Its the idea of the big bang that destroys everything, kind of like a hideous fix-it. The philosophy is probably something like “there’s no problem that can’t be blown to bits”. And its the idea of being part of this bang, this process of purging, if you will, that attract the people who are willing to wear the bomb on their bodies. There is also the idea of martyrdom in there somewhere, its not just one factor, I’m sure.

    And as for writing your name on your body for identification, its just a grim reminder of the terror that has buried itself in society, and there are more factors to blame than just the terrorists.

    • Maybe people are really hung up on the fantasy that some disaster would spell apocalypse and then they won’t have to do anything anymore. It’s kind of like being lazy. You just make something else responsible and wait for the end or some hideous fix-it. Maybe some people have twisted their beliefs into believing that an apocalypse or some big bang that ends things as they would fix everything and they’d be rid of their hideous lives. Who knows? People want to believe in all kinds of weird things that would make their lives easier.

      • The idea of an apocalypse is present in both Christianity and Islam, if I’m not wrong. However, this seems a rather long shot to me. I can’t find a connection between bomb fetishes and the apocalypse. Bomb attacks are generally carried out for selfish reasons, though the propaganda spread always speaks otherwise. It doesn’t seem like it has to do with something like the apocalypse, which might take a long time to come.

      • But essentially I feel it stems from the same source – the need for an absolute end. The people who blow themselves up are probably thinking their lives on earth will end so they can begin another life of some kind. An afterlife. And yes, bomb attacks are carried out for selfish reasons but so is dreaming of some kind of apocalypse. But then again, this is just my opinion.

      • From what I know suicide bombers are almost always brainwashed. They are fed wrong information and then convinced that the only answer is to blow up the problem, attaining heaven or whatever it is they believe in the process. They aren’t exactly eager to end their lives because they are miserable or something, but rather they are made to believe that blowing themselves up fulfills a higher purpose.

        Most bomb attacks are carried out against a nation, religion or community, and the place where I think this differs from the apocalypse idea is that the apocalypse is meant to be an “end of it all”, which is unstoppable. But these blasts are premeditated attacks against a particular group, and they are carried out many times, hoping mainly to scare the people. The people who blow themselves up may be brainwashed by ideas of the apocalypse, but I don’t think the masterminds behind these things have any such ideas in mind. Their thoughts are cold and calculated, with “zombies” bringing them to life.

      • Yes, I suppose whoever brainwashes them is probably just making a lot of money. Sad, isn’t it?

      • Since you mentioned money, I’d like it if you could take a look at this video. It’s an informative talk on the economics of terrorism.

      • That was very informative. Thank you for sharing.

        I studied economics in some detail a long time ago (in another life, almost) and what she says makes so much sense. Also, I have heard that the taliban are created from people who are economically weak. For some it becomes a (high risk) job. Perhaps a lot of them don’t really care what happens to them as long as their families don’t starve. Maybe they aren’t brainwashed. Maybe they are just hungry. This is as bad as twisting religion to kill innocent people. Or maybe it’s worse. Perhaps with more education, the brainwashing could be countered. How would one fight economics?

        Ideas of a great fix would seem even more attractive to them if they knew there was no other way out. This would overshadow any religious or self-righteous zeal they might possess. Or this would aid in the brainwashing. Oh I don’t know. It all seems so bleak and hopeless.

      • I don’t really think being a terrorist pays much, not for the ones who have to do the dirty work anyway. Also, finance for terrorism in Afghanistan is primarily funded by the production of Afghan heroin. And the chief country to which its exported to is, ironically, the US. So the US unwillingly becomes a financier for one of their biggest enemies. Of course, fear also has a role to play in the matter. Its amazing the things that can be done by putting a gun to someone’s head. The problem is, in the end, no one is benefiting from these activities.

      • Is it really possible that absolutely nobody is getting something from these activities? Conspiracy theories aside, don’t you think there must be something in it for somebody? It is curious why they would do it at all if somebody didn’t get something tangible from it. People generally lose interest when there is nothing to gain. Maybe this is just cynicism, but I doubt something so terrible can be happening without somebody making money from it.

  3. PS:
    Went through some of your artwork. I’m clueless about paintings, but your work is very striking, The chaos in some of the paintings was hard hitting.

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