This facebook issue has really become too much. I agree with this. Hell yeah.

Another issue that has gotten way out of hand are reactionary students with half a brain each who don’t care about peaceful negotiation and cause mayhem – not that they are intelligent enough to even manage that. It’s disgusting what a small group of people can do if they frighten others enough. Threatening others to join their meaningless “cause” and causing disruptions can hardly change anything. Maybe I am too old now to feel what they are feeling. Maybe I am too old now to fall for stupidity.

Isn’t everything stupid? There are serious electricity issues and all people want to talk about is facebook! Don’t they want a better life? Why don’t they push their own government to help them (push hard enough, that is) instead of rejoicing over how they have caused major (imaginary) losses by boycotting and inducing the ban on facebook? Wow, I didn’t realize facebook was more important than food and water and electricity.

And has anyone noticed what’s happening in Hunza? My friends are from Hunza. I do care what happens there. And even if they weren’t from Hunza, I’d still notice how people might be losing their homes in a bad way very soon. Is facebook more important than natural disasters?

Also, I was robbed a couple of days ago in a dark street at 9:30pm. Why I was walking about in a dark street alone is complicated. They were amateurs I suppose because I still have my wallet and my phone but the event itself was traumatic. Because there are no streetlights (loadshedding, you see) it was dark. Three men suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Now I was in shalwar kameez, complete with giant dupatta so I felt reasonably unnoticeable. But there they were and suddenly I realized there was nobody around. So I attempted bravado and used my schoolteacher voice to tell them to give way. But they surrounded me. This could have gone very very wrong so I just stood there, clutching my bag asking them what they wanted. Money (duh) they said. Give us your money. And I stared at them stupidly because I really was at a loss. Funny thing was, they stared at me stupidly as well. One might have grinned a bit but it was dark. I stepped back and realized one of them was behind me and then another one grabbed at my bag (half-heartedly) and I lost it. I pushed him and he pushed me. That really freaked me out so I pulled out my wallet and they still looked at me stupidly. After an awkward moment I pulled out all the cash I had and held it out. Meanwhile, some man on a bicycle went calmly by and that scared them so they snatched the cash and ran off into the trees and I just ran blindly until I got home. The end. This probably all happened in less than 2 minutes but now that I think about it, it was the weirdest two minutes of my life.

Could I possibly give a shit about facebook right now? I have lame-ass robbers to worry about.


11 responses to “Lame

  1. Hashim Nauman

    I would have to agree. But the sad ordeal of being “Almost” robbed does hold a more significant place near you than facebook.

    A lot has been said and done anyways. But I remember I almost got robbed of my beloved phone too.

    Hello, I find this blog very very interesting 🙂

    • Well, thanks. I wrote this entry while I was frazzled. They DID take my money before they ran. Anyway, it was just money. I’m glad they didn’t kill me or worse. The universe conspired to have me alive and kicking so I must amount to something. Can’t have a problem with that now, can I?

  2. Hashim Nauman

    Where did this happen?

    • F-11, Islamabad. I live there. It was near my apartment building. Last year, somebody took the outside bits of split airconditioners from a shop in the F-11 markaz and I thought that was pretty bizarre. Why take half an AC? I think a lot of weird crazy people hang about stealing awkwardly here. Maybe they’re some kind of cult – the cult of awkward stealing. It’s still better than Karachi where somebody held a gun to my head for an old cell-phone. I’ve lived in Karachi most of my life and it became really wild right before I left. Nobody robbed you awkwardly there. They went all the way.

  3. Hashim Nauman

    Oh that place is nasty. The abu dhabi building happens to be my second home and 1) The traffic is wild and it takes me 20 minutes to get to the markaz, and secondly there ARE a lot of weird people there. I heard about the half an ac robbery.

    Fureaky. I live in I-8 and these two people tried to snatch my phone once, lucky thing my hands are huge and the phone was puny lol.

    But yes stay safe, you write a lovely blog.

  4. Fuck this shit, I’m staging a protest in college with my best friend and other people with anti-ban views. It’s ridiculous, pointless and downright paradoxic. You’re right: It’s to distract us from the bigger, more important picture. And I, for one, won’t let that happen. Bring on the god damn proxies, PTA needs to be taught a fucking lesson.

    Sigh, Lahore ayen aap. Iced tea pitay hain beth ke.

    • Yeah! I’m with you on that!
      It’s hot as satan’s asshole right now and there’s way too much loadshedding. They should ban loadshedding because it makes me say “satan’s asshole” all the time. I will come to Lahore and jump into that mucky canal and scream like a banshee. Then I’ll probably be banned as well.

  5. Screw it all. Read about the robbery. Are you okay now?

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