In case of emergency dial 042-130.

I’ve been staring at that since 8:00am, except when I was dozing off (my legs cramping, my head occasionally striking the window – does that count as an emergency?). I’m on the bus to Lahore for a friend’s exhibition (more on that when I’ve seen it) and right now the only consolation is the air-conditioning. I suppose my painfully cramping legs are making me cranky. And Lahore awaits in all its hellish glory. Besides being a city that truly frightens me, its actually hot as hell there right now. And the very loud ladies somewhere behind me aren’t really improving my mood.

A board on the motorway says “weigh station” and I’m wondering what that means. A place where you can stop to weigh yourself? Its probably a misspelled way station but I like the idea of a stop where giant scales weigh everyone and everything.


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