“The body apologizes to the soul for its errors, and the soul asks forgiveness for squatting in the body without invitation.”

– from Wicked by Gregory Maguire

Here I am again, alone with my thoughts and needing forgiveness. If I was religious, then perhaps I’d have all kinds of magic beliefs to fall back on. And then I’d have my answers. But all I have now are questions.

So I was reading and I came upon that little paragraph and I liked it. I have always been interested in the body and inadvertently, the soul. My childhood was marked with questions about this soul. I was supposed to believe I had one and perhaps I still do. Perhaps I believe this so strongly, that I rarely think of it and take it for granted. But I am digressing. I am particularily interested in the idea of forgiveness. What does forgiveness achieve?

The popular notion that forgiveness brings some kind of release is debatable. I demand forgiveness from myself and everyone whenever I feel I have erred. It’s from habit. But habit formed from what? What have I learned that caused this habit to develop? It is disgusting, this groveling and begging. Ofcourse it charms some people but even then, I must get to the bottom of this.

On another note, there is much wickedness abroad. Besides my latest bout of food-poisoning, there was an explosion. As usual.

GEO Pakistan
 Powerful explosion heard in Islamabad
 Updated at: 2224 PST,  Wednesday, April 07, 2010
 ISLAMABAD: A powerful explosion has happened at Sector F-7 near Girls College in Islamabad, Geo reported Wednesday.

According to reports, the explosion took place in a car.

However, no causality was reported in the incident, DIG Police said.

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