lah dee dah

GEO Pakistan
 Bhara Kahu miscreants identified: Malik
 Updated at: 2352 PST,  Friday, March 19, 2010
 RAWALPINDI: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday said that the miscreants involved in violent protest of Bhara Kahu were identified.Speaking to reporters during a visit to targeted Bhara Kahu area today (Friday), Malik said whatever happened in Rawalpindi and Islamabad had been forgiven, but warned that the government would not tolerate any such incident in the future.

He said that outsiders were also found involved in inciting violence in twin cities.

A special video would be made of every demonstration now so that miscreant elements could be punished after being identified through NADRA.

The people kept propagating the people on telephones, he said, adding that if any Afghan national was found without keeping proper documents, he would be deported to Afghanistan.



So it wasn’t a transporter’s strike afterall. Just some “miscreants” and “outsiders” – you know, THEM.

I still haven’t figured out what was really happening today(well, yesterday). Students were protesting, demanding lower public transport fares I think. And then things went horribly wrong. It was a hot day.


2 responses to “lah dee dah

  1. They should get all the criminals through NADRA, that is the purpose of a computerized database, not just the bara kaho miscreants

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