Again in a melatonin haze/daze. It’s late at night and I should be sleeping because I am important etc. But since I am here, I might as well speak my mind (or write it – whatever).

Why is it so difficult to fall asleep and then even more difficult to wake up? I wonder what the melatonin is doing to me – internally. Maybe I’ll find out in a few years.

I am worrying about my father’s impending surgery. He has some complicated kind of hernia. Ofcourse since he didn’t let me come to the doctor with him, I have no idea what kind it is or I’d look it up online and get even more worried. This is what the internet does to you. And watching House MD for years.

Sometimes I wonder if they make up all those diseases. I haven’t the energy to google it all but I would if I could.

Coming back to sleeplessness and drug induced sleepiness: my boss told me today that smoking hash kills cancer. This is what we do at work – talk about killing cancer. That is the future of art education.


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