A Page with a View

4 pageviews. That’s uplifting. And this isn’t sarcasm.

They printed what I wrote in the paper. Surprisingly, I didn’t get struck by lightning and nobody laughed at me. That is a good sign. I searched online for a link for an electronic version but Dawn doesn’t really make it easy or I’d paste the link here.

The reason I am surprised is that it was a mediocre attempt to express myself – well not all of it. Some came right from the depths of my tortured soul but I compensated with adding mediocre bits that I am ashamed of and so I expected snickers and snide comments from people. However, nobody noticed. And if somebody did notice I probably won’t find out. So maybe it all worked out in the end.

Meanwhile, a friend in Lahore related his personal story from the aftermath of the terrible bomb blasts (on friday) and I felt so guilty. He spoke about the mincemeat they wanted him to identify as a little boy he was looking for and all I felt was mostly pseudo since I have recently managed to get some work from a bunch of art-makers to a gallery in the US – and it’s all about living in a war. All I know is the terror I feel. But it cannot compare to the loss of human life. How can one process it all?

I do not know how to understand anything anymore in a world that is so completely insane.


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