2 views. That’s it?!

And here I thought I was baring my soul to the whole world. So much for that. I suppose newbies are treated like dirt everywhere. But there must be somebody out there who gives a shit.

Which brings me back to the same old same old. I caught myself lecturing about women and men today. And the blank stares brought me back to my place – which is a nice little corner where I can brood in peace about life being unfair. Nobody really gives a shit about what anybody thinks anymore. Why do we make anything at all? Commercial value, I suppose. That is very depressing.

I wish somebody would prove otherwise.


2 responses to “Blah

  1. Try 1. Or the excitement of 10 views, only to find that they were spam attempts.

    You’d think that not giving a shit would be a good thing, though.

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