Hello World and Pretentious Arty Snobs!

This here is a wild attempt to begin a full on assault on the (so-called) art mafia in the good old land of the pure.  Well, not entirely – though that could be so much fun.

As I spend yet another sleepless night in the nation’s capital, I can’t help thinking about the giant leap I made almost twelve years ago and fell face down into the big pile of poop called the art world. Of course, in my innocence, I believed in a sacred calling, an urge, a compulsion. I admired the great artists (artistically depicted in melodramatic films) striving to tell the truth about the world. This is before I woke up to the smell of manure. As I regained consciousness, I discovered my true calling – a dire urge to save humanity from pretentious snobbery while staring at complete shit on the esteemed walls of our esteemed galleries.

But of course, this is also just an excuse to rant about the injustice in the world, the diminishing resources in the land of the pure, the complete absurdity of life in general and to write about myself in the world (competing with the injustice, the apathy, the lack of resources, myself).

I started with wanting to be an artist (whatever that is supposed to mean) and turning into something (which is so much better as opposed to nothing). In between, I was many other things (some which make me cringe with shame) and now – well, now I don’t know what I’m turning into, really. I figured blogging would help somehow and if it doesn’t, I can always console myself by bitching out the pretentious arty snobs now and then.

Of course I could plan it all now and later disappoint myself. I can be generous and allow myself the lack of discipline. Lately, I have allowed myself all kinds of things. So my plan of action is as follows:

  1. To tell the truth about everything around me.
  2. To really tell the truth about everything as I see it.
  3. To…nevermind.

Maybe I’ll even stick in a review on particularly stinky art (and everything else) sometimes. Maybe I’ll vent for the whole world to see what a little bug I am in the larger scheme of things. The only reason I am doing this is because of the general belief that having an opinion counts. Even if I am ignored completely. Even if I forget.


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